Syntach AB is a Swedish medical device company founded to develop an innovative and proprietary cardiac assist device in order to improve and prolong lives of millions of people suffering from heart failure.


Congestive heart failure is the most common cause of death in the western world. 1,5% of the population and 10% of those older than 70 years suffer from this condition.

The survival rates are low and up to 50% of those most severely ill die within one year. Heart transplantation is the standard of care for those eligible but the shortage of donor organs severely limits the availability of this treatment. Mechanical circulatory support devices and left ventricular assist devices, (LVAD), have become and alternative for these patients.


The novel Syntach device is built upon recently published research about heart function and is completely different to the currently existing products.


Syntach AB owns a broad intellectual property portfolio with patents granted in the major global markets. Syntach AB consists of a strong and experienced team with broad networks and decades of spearheading clinical development as well as successful medtech activity. 

contact information:

Syntach AB

Traktorvägen 6B                                                                                   

22660 Lund