Revolutionary, minimally invasive long-term cardiac support device and mitral valve repair technology.

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Making Heartbeats Matter

“Over one million people worldwide suffer from severe heart failure and need mechanical circulatory support.”

A less invasive procedure, improved quality of life and reduced risk of complications. These are some of the advantages of Prof. Jan Solem’s invention -  an entirely new approach to the support of the cardiac function in patients with severe heart failure. The technology is applicable to a growing worldwide demographic of more than one million heart failure patients.

The Syntach Cardiac Support (CS) Device

Two-thirds of cardiac output is due to the up-and-down movement of the mitral valve plane. The Syntach CS Device restores impaired movement of the mitral valve and naturally supports the heart. It is a permanent, active implant that can be inserted using a minimally invasive technique. It is smaller than existing left ventricle assist devices (LVADs) and is therefore suitable for both men and women of all sizes.

Syntach´s products are being developed and have not yet been approved for clinical use.













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Syntach AB awarded an EU grant of € 2.5 million

Syntach AB in Lund, Sweden has been awarded € 2.5 million as a grant and part of blended finance of up to € 17,5 million from the European Innovation Council (EIC) to support the development of its unique minimally invasive cardiac support system


Syntach - Making Heartbeats Matter

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Syntach´s products are under development and not approved for clinical use.

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