Revolutionary, minimally invasive long-term cardiac support device and mitral valve repair technology.

SW Engineer with Experience from Medical Industry


Are you a SW engineer with previous experience within the area of medical devices and are looking for a once in a lifetime job opportunity? If yes, then the currently open position at Syntach AB is a perfect match. At Syntach AB you will have the unique opportunity to work with all the SW in an innovative product for treatment of heart failure patients. The medical product will not only increase the patient survival rate and drastically improve their quality of life, but will also lower the overall healthcare costs.

About the Company:

Syntach AB is based in Lund, Sweden, and was founded as an innovative start-up company in 2012 and has since then grown considerably. Currently there are eleven employees based in Lund, as well as several consultants all over Europe and a handful of subcontractors in Europe and US, working for Syntach AB. Several universities all over the world have a close collaboration with Syntach AB, especially the Department of Clinical Physiology at Lund University and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Washington D.C. Thus, even though Syntach AB is a small organization, the company has a global thinking and an active network all over the world.

Syntach AB is currently developing two different products for treatment of heart failure patients. The main product has a truly novel approach for cardiac support and is based on human physiology and new state of the art research. The second product is a minimally invasive spin-off product for the treatment of mitral valve regurgitation in heart failure patients. At Syntach AB you will be offered the possibility to work with the SW in the main product and to be part of a highly educated, creative, and flexible team with high ambitions.

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Work Tasks:

In the role as SW engineer/developer you will be involved in all SW work related to the main innovative heart implant product. The majority of the work will be focused on development, management, and maintenance of the user interface of the product involving both front-end and back-end work. The product consists of two different user interfaces: the primary is a medical tablet used by the medical staff to evaluate, diagnose, and optimize the performance of the heart implant, and the secondary is a web based interface to access historical patient data stored on a server database. The work consists first and foremost of being responsible for the implementation and maintenance of all aspects of these user interfaces, where you will be closely involved in all the different steps in the process. The steps may besides from programming also consist of iterative prototyping and testing, which are repeated until the final requirements are fulfilled. The work will also involve participation in the development and design of these user interfaces. Majority of the front-end programming work is done with web libraries and frameworks and the majority of the back-end programming work is done using Django and SQL database. This work involves both independent work and close collaboration with the rest of the team. The remaining SW work performed within the position mostly requires C-programming skills, e.g. related to wireless communication, wireless charging, motor control algorithms, and signal processing. Additional work tasks may also include assisting with expertise regarding the purchase of consulting services and participate in the evaluation of suitable partners.

Education, Experience, Personal Characteristics, and other Requirements:

The employment requires engagement and commitment since independent and self-driven work is expected. This leads to a great freedom in the work, but also requires the ability of being flexible and adaptive to change. Even though the position requires an independent and open way of working, as always in medical technology, it also requires collaboration and a precise structure and a meticulous documentation. Great interest in medical technology and SW engineering, especially front-end & back-end programming, are other requirements suitable for the position.

To focus on solutions rather then on problems, and a desire to develop and challenge ones knowledge, are personal characteristics that would fit into the work environment. Other personal characteristics suitable for the employment are to obtain motivation from working with competent colleagues, willingness to contribute with technical expertise, and openness to share thoughts and ideas.

Other information:

Start: Immediately, with regards of notice periods.

Position: Full time (tillsvidareanställning).

Placement: Lund, Sweden.

Salary: As agreed upon.

Syntach AB

Postal address: Box 4004, SE-227 21 Lund, Sweden
Visiting address: Traktorvägen 6C, SE-226 60 Lund, Sweden

+46 46 270 87 55

Syntach´s products are under development and not approved for clinical use.

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